There is no better winter vacation than spending it amidst the snow-laden peaks and valleys of Uttarakhand. Kedarkantha is one such trek route for beginners looking for a thrilling trekking experience in the snow.
“Winter indeed is coming” and you must go north. Pack your rucksack and set out for the amazing journey of Kedarkantha. Kedarkantha Trek provides a great opportunity for trekkers to experience the beauty of the Uttarakhand Himalayas.6 days of tranquil close to divine experience detached from the technology-obsessed world is something you would crave to get amidst your busy working schedule.
From Sour Sankri to Kedarkantha the journey is worth remembering.
You are never too old to go on hikes so gear up to consume those coniferous vegetation wrapped in a cloth of snow.
Last but not least know that you will be going through a wildlife sanctuary on your journey,i.e. Govind Pashu Vihar Sanctuary.
It is a paradise of flora and fauna starting from coniferous trees to shrubs.


7 Nights 8 Days Multiple Batches
Batch Dates
  • Pune/Mumbai/Nagpur/Bhopal/Ahmedabad(9 days)
  1. 18th Nov-27th Nov
  2. 25th Nov-4th Dec
  3. 2nd-11th Dec
  4. 9th-18th Dec
  5. 16th-25th Dec
  6. 23rd Dec-1st Jan
  7. 24th Dec-2nd Jan
  8. 25th Dec-3rd Jan
  9. 26th Dec-4th Jan
  10. 27th Dec-5th Jan
  11. 28th Dec-6th Jan
  12. 29th Dec-7th Jan
  13. 30th Dec-8th Jan
  14. 6th Jan-15th Jan
  15. 13th Jan-22nd Jan
  16. 20th Jan-29th Jan(Republic Day Special)
  17. 27th Jan-5th Feb
  18. 3rd Feb-12th Feb
  19. 10th Feb-19th Feb
  20. 17th Feb-26th Feb
  21. 24th Feb-5th Mar
  22. 3rd Mar-12th Mar
  23. 10th Mar-19th Mar
  24. 17th Mar-26th Mar
  25. 24th Mar-2nd April
  • Delhi to Delhi (7 days)
  1. 19th Nov-26th Nov
  2. 26th Nov-3rd Dec
  3. 3rd Dec-10th Dec
  4. 10th Dec-17th Dec
  5. 17th-24th Dec
  6. 24th Dec-31st Dec
  7. 25th Dec-1st Jan
  8. 26th Dec-2nd Jan
  9. 27th Dec-3rd Jan
  10. 28th Dec-4th Jan
  11. 29th Dec-5th Jan
  12. 30th Dec-6th Jan
  13. 31st Dec-7th Jan
  14. 7th Jan-14th Jan
  15. 14th Jan-21st Jan
  16. 21st Jan-28th Jan(Republic day special)
  17. 28th Jan-4th Feb
  18. 4th Feb-11th Feb
  19. 11th Feb-18th Feb
  20. 18th Feb-25th Feb
  21. 25th Feb-4th Mar
  22. 4th Mar-11th Mar
  23. 11th Mar-18th Mar
  24. 18th Mar-25th Mar
  25. 23rd Mar-1st April
  • Dehradun to Dehradun(5 days)
  1. 20th Nov-25th Nov
  2. 27th Nov-2nd Dec
  3. 4th-9th Dec
  4. 11th-16th Dec
  5. 18th-23rd Dec
  6. 25th Dec-30th Dec
  7. 26th Dec-31st Jan
  8. 27th Dec-1st Jan
  9. 28th Dec-2nd Jan
  10. 29th Dec-3rd Jan
  11. 30th Dec-4th Jan
  12. 31st Dec-5th Jan
  13. 1 Jan-6th Jan
  14. 8th Jan-13th Jan
  15. 15th Jan-20th Jan
  16. 22nd Jan-27th Jan
  17. 29th Jan-3rd Feb
  18. 5th Feb-10th Feb
  19. 12th Feb-17th Feb
  20. 19th Feb-24th Feb
  21. 26th Feb-3rd Mar
  22. 5th Mar-10th Mar
  23. 12th Mar-17th Mar
  24. 19th Mar-24th Mar
  25. 24th Mar-31st Mar


What we'll give. What we won't

What is included in the tour

  • Transport from Pune/Mumbai/Nagpur/Ahmedabad/Surat in Sleeper/3AC trains
  • Travel from Delhi to Dehradun via train or bus as per availability
  • Accommodation in Dehradun on 3/4 sharing basis
  • Accommodation on 3/4 sharing in Dehradun for buffer day(check out 11.00 am)
  • Transport from Dehradun to Sankri and back
  • Accommodation in Sankri on a triple or quad-sharing basis
  • Dinner in Dehradun and next day breakfast en route Sankri while going
  • All meals during the trek from Sankri to Sankri
  • Tents on a 3/4 sharing basis during the trek
  • Wooden Hiking sticks
  • High-Quality Camping Tents
  • Sleeping bags
  • Compost toilets 
  • Radio Walkie-Talkie for Communication
  • Experienced Trek guide and Technical guide
  • Medical Kit
  • Crampons and Gaiters
  • Team captains


What is NOT included in the tour

  • Food during train journeys
  • Food on buffer day
  • Any activities planned on buffer day
  • Anything not mentioned in the inclusion section
  • Your stay in Dehradun for Ex-Dehradun people on arrival(can be added using add on the section while booking)
  • 5% GST will be added during checkout
  • Transaction charges depending upon the mode of payment will be charged by Razorpay(Use the NEFT option to pay and save gateway charges)



What makes this tour special
  • Kedarkantha is a stunning trek that provides photographers with an ideal opportunity to capture snow falling from the pine trees, which appears to be magical dust.
  • Experience the beautiful campsites, where each and every campsite is different and unique in its own way.
  • Get a chance to camp near frozen Juda ka Talab, according to legends this was once used as Lord Shiva's meditation ground.
  • The journey to the summit is filled with many bucket list adventures few being night trekking in deep snow, under a blanket of stars, and witnessing a magnificent sunrise from 12500 ft above sea level only from Kedarkantha. 
  • You also get to stargaze from here!
  • The talks about Kedarkantha's sunrise and sunset, do no justice to the actual beauty of it.
  • Taking pictures at the peak is a must! Otherwise, how will you make your friends and family jealous?
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Day 0: 

Pune/Bhopal: Board Samparkranti / Goa express 

Mumbai/Ahmedabad/Surat: Board Mangladeep express/ Garibrath  

Nagpur:Board Rajdhani Express from Nagpur

Day 1: 

Arrival to Delhi 

Explore the city and arrival at Dehradun at night.

Day 2:

Dehradhun to Sankri by taxi

After half an hour, stop at kempty falls. Have breakfast there and witness people from different parts of the world. The break will be of maximum 1 hour. Ahead the peaks are visible and further you will come close to the holy Yamuna River. If you want, then take a short break of 20 minutes and enjoy being around it.

Reach Mori and after 1 hour you will come across a check post. They will ask for Aadhar cards and some other details. Ahead lies Sankri, enjoy the drive and the wait is soon going to be over. Reach trekkers paradise and the main market of Sankri.

Go to the hotel, freshen up and enjoy evening snacks on the open terrace with great views. You will be provided some details after which you can go for an evening walk but be at the hotel for dinner.

Enjoy a delicious dinner and spend a comfortable night in the mountains.

Day 3:

Trek from Sankri to Juda Ka Talab

  • Trek Distance  5 Km – 4/5 Hours Trek
  •  Mode of the journey – on foot
  •  Altitude – Juda ka talab  – 2700 Meters
  •  Night Stay – Camp in tents – on a triple/quad share basis

Today, the heartwarming morning is eagerly waiting for you to wake up. Feel the peace amid the mountains; no connectivity and no materialistic thing is here to disturb you, the only thing is peace. Relish the hot cup of coffee/tea at 6:00 am and get ready for your breakfast at 7:30 am. You have to strictly leave at 8:30 am after the instructions of your guide trek start from Sankri to Juda ka Talab which is 5 km away. After a little walk from the main market witness Swargarohini peaks (I, II, III) which will mesmerize you. After 20 minutes of the hike the beautiful Saur village will come into sight, all the houses there are made of wood. Here are homestays that serve delicious organic local food. As you move further, the forests turn more beautiful. Spot some Himalayan birds and don’t miss the sight of cascading waterfalls. The meadows and these forests are enough to attract anybody. Some names of the local places are – Goteka, Boiroka ligudiya, Posla, Jainola, Kuwamohli, and then Juda Ka Talab. Juda Ka Talab is today’s destination which is a favorite of many trekkers. This lake is present in a forest clearing. It is 100 meters long and the width is 36 m. The water is clear and reflects the surroundings. Camp amid pine trees and enjoy the night there. Have evening tea/coffee, snacks, soup and explore the area. Dinner will be served after which you can rest for the night.

Day 4:

Trek from Juda Ka talab to Kedarkantha base

  • Trek Distance  3.5 Km – 2/3 Hours Trek
  •  Mode of the journey – on foot
  •  Altitude – Kedarkantha basecamp  – 3200 Meters
  •  Night Stay – Camp intent- on triple/quad share base

Wake up and peep out of your tents to see if there is snow or the sun is shining. It is important to tell you that one day there is greenery everywhere and the other day it turns all white because of snow. This is reality, and this scenery is heartwarming! Like other days enjoy tea/ coffee, have breakfast at 7:30 am, and leave at 8:30 – 9:00 am. Today, you will be heading towards the Kedarkantha base from where the Kedarkantha peak is visible. The distance from Juda ka Talab to Kedarkantha base is 3.5 km which can be easily reached in 2 to 3 hours. Today’s trek is short and comfortable. Start the trek, cross an ascent, move through the dense forest, and suddenly an open meadow will welcome you. Halt there and enjoy great views of the Himalayas. Move further through the pine forest and reach your campsite from where the Kedarkantha peak shines tall and relish the great views! Afterward, enjoy hot lunch. Note: – if you are trekking in the winter season then briefing is the most important part and the gaiters and crampons will be provided. So, you have to be ready at 4:30 am wearing them.

Day 5:

Trek from Kedarkantha base camp to Kedarkantha Summit (3800 Meters) and descent to Hargaon Thach

  • Trek Distance  9 Km – 6/7 Hours Trek
  •  Mode of the journey – on foot
  •  Altitude – Hargaon thach – 2645 Meters
  •  Night Stay – Camp intent- on a triple/quad share basis

Day 6:

Trek from Hargaon thach to Sankri  and return to Dehradun

  • Trek Distance  5.5 Km – 4/5 Hours Trek
  • Mode of the journey – on foot

Today morning enjoy breakfast at your last camp of this trek. Start trekking and while descending from Hargaon to Sankri you will come across many viewpoints and ahead reach the apple orchards. After it reaches base camp Sankri and today freshen up and leave for Dehradun.


Buffer DAY

  1. Since the treks in the Himalayan region come with their ups and downs we always keep a buffer day in hand to make sure the trek goes smooth.

Day 8:

Reach Delhi

Reach Delhi early morning by overnight train.

Reach your respective city with loads of memory.

Return Train:

Pune/Bhopal: Jhelum Express at 11.00 am from Delhi

Mumbai/Surat/Ahmedabad: Take Hw-Bandra Spl at 6:55 pm from Delhi 

Nagpur: Take any train after 10.00am


Basic Fitness Routine before the trek

  1. Kindly make sure you are physically fit and have no medical conditions in which case it would be preferable to take medical advice from your doctor before joining the trek.
  2. Kedarkantha is considered as a beginner grade trek in the Uttrakhand region however a basic physical routine of running or jogging is to be followed at least a week before the trek alternatively you can also take up any moderate Sahyadri trek to bring your body in the zone of trekking before the Kedarkantha trek
  3. In case you have any underlying conditions such as Asthama or Blood pressure problem or any muscle injury kindly consult us and your doctor before booking this trek

Train tickets: In case train tickets are not available from Pune we will travel via Mumbai.The fares for Rajdhani trains are high since it is premium train and only available last-minute train so the cost of trek will vary accordingly


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  • What is the location of Kedarkantha Trek?

It is situated in the picturesque Himalayan village of Sankari in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand, India.

  • How do I get to the trek's starting point, Sankri?

We usually provide good transportation to Sankri and back. If you prefer another mode of public transportation, there are Uttarakhand roadway buses from Dehradun. There are 2-3 daily buses that leave only in the morning hours between 05:30 am to 07:30 am; please check and re-confirm the timings with sources.

  • What is the difficulty level of the Kedarkantha Trek?

It is a simple Moderate Trek that anyone can attempt and complete. However, remember to start exercising before your trek, as you will rapidly gain altitude on this trek. As a result, you must be physically fit.

  • How long does the Kedarkantha Trek take?

The total trek distance is approximately 20-22 kilometers, and it is an amazing Himalayan trail with mesmerizing scenery, mind-blowing sunrises, and a 360-degree Himalayan view from the top.

  • Is Kedarkantha suitable for beginners?

Yes, the Kedarkantha trek is easy to moderate, and beginners can easily attempt it; however, keep yourself physically fit with 4-5 kilometers of daily walking and the exercise routine that will be sent in the mail atleast 10 days prior to acclimatize your body for the excursion. 

  • How much luggage should we bring for the Kedarkantha ​Trek?

Carry only necessary items; a backpack of 60-70 liters should suffice; your backpack should not weigh more than 9-10 KG.

  • Is there a network in Kedarkantha Trek? Which sim card is the best?

Currently, the Jio network is quite good in Sankri; however, no network will be available beyond Sankari.

  • What should we bring for the Kedarkantha Trek? 

For a complete packing list, click on the following link: Things to carry

  • How should we prepare for the Kedarkantha Trek?

Begin your day with a 4-5 km walk or run, and make breathing exercises a requirement. Stop smoking and drinking too.

Go for hikes near your cities. 

  • What kind of weather can we expect on the Kedarkantha Trek?

December and January are the coldest months, with temperatures ranging from 10-15 degrees Celsius during the day to -4 degrees Celsius at night.

  • Is the trek to Kedarnath and Kedarkantha the same?

No, they are not the same thing. Kedarnath is a Pilgrimage Trip, whereas Kedarkantha is a proper Trek. Both Kedarnath and Kedarkantha are located in the district of Rudraprayag in the state of Uttarakhand.

Things To Carry
  • Photocopy of your Identity Proof (Passport / Voter ID Card/PAN Card/Aadhar Card/ Driving License)
  • Rucksack – If you are unloading your Rucksack, you will need a small daypack to carry your essentials
  • Good trekking shoes and a pair of slip-on, if required for the campsite
  • 2 Water Bottles (1 liter each)
  • Woolen or Fleece Gloves and a pair of waterproof gloves
  • Cotton socks and woolen socks (2 pairs each)
  • Balaclava, Woolen scarf – If you do not have a Balaclava, you can carry a Monkey cap instead
  • Thermal Inners
  • Fleece Jacket, Snow Jacket, or Padded Jacket (1 each)
  • Windcheater or Poncho
  • 2-3 pairs of trek pants
  • 2 collared and full-sleeved t-shirts – Do not carry loose t-shirts as they tend to make you feel cold
  • Camera or Binoculars
  • Ready-to-eat snacks, Enerzyl Powder or Glucon D Powder – Carry nuts, dry fruits, and energy bars to munch during the trek. They provide instant energy whenever it hits the lower base.
  • Cap, Sunglasses – Do ensure that your sunglasses are UV Protected. Do not carry reflectors.
  • Headlamp/LED Torch – Mandatory
  • Toiletries – Sunscreen, Moisturizer, light towel, lip balm, wet wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste, Hand Sanitizer, Mosquito repellent, if required
  • Polythene Bags or Zip-lock Bags – These help to segregate wet clothes, used wet wipes, or sanitary napkins on a trek
  • Any medicines that you normally consume – Please consult your doctor in this regard
  • An empty tiffin box and spoon to have your meals since the usage of plastic vessels is not allowed on the trek 
Rules And Regulations
  • Throwing garbage on trails is strictly not allowed.
  • Participants should carry their waste with them
  • Playing loud music in the mountains is prohibited.
  • Writing anything or any activity leading to disobedience of historical places is prohibited.
  • Tents will be allotted as per male and female ratio by team captains, no requests will be entertained.
  • Pick-up and drop will be at the same location ( however you are free to get down on the route while the return journey.)
  • Team captains' decisions on any particular situation will be final for the mutual benefit of participants.
  • If the behavior of any trekker is likely to cause distress or harm to themselves, our staff, or other team members, reserve the right to terminate their trip at any time and they will have to make their arrangements; we will not be liable for any expenses incurred as a result. We will not entertain any claims arising due to such action.
  • In case of any injuries/illness on a mountain/river/waterfall during a trip/activity, Trek Panda as a company or our local staff will not be responsible. We provide adequate human staff support in these areas to ensure the basic safety of the trekker. The trekker/customer has to bear all the expenses which may arise in case of medical exigency or emergency condition.
  • As it is likely that in these sorts of trips weather must be taken into account if we have to change arrangements we will not be able to provide any sort of refund. If there are any other circumstances including but not limited to riots, political unrest, natural or another disaster, nuclear incident, or terrorist activity, and we have to cancel a trip as a result of these circumstances, we will not be able to provide any sort of refund.


  • Pune/Mumbai/Bhopal/Ahmedabad/Surat(Regular train)

  1. 3AC  Regular Train-16499/-*

  2. 3AC Rajdhani train-18499/*

  3. Sleeper Train-13499/-*

*Mentioned costs are exclusive of taxes

  • Delhi to Delhi-11500/-*​

  • Dehradhun to Dehradhun-9499/-*

Train Details

Arrival Trains

Pune/Bhopal/Nagpur-Samp Kranti

Mumbai/Ahmedabad-Yuva Express/Gareeb Rath/Rajdhani

Departure Train

Pune/ Bhopal- Jhelum Express

Mumbai/ Ahmedabad- Gareeb Rath/ Rajdhani

Note: Trains may vary as per availability

Disclamer and Medical Fitness Form

Every trekker must carry both signed copies and submit it to the trek leaders before the start of every trek!

You can access the forms using the link:https://bit.ly/MedicalDisclamer

The exercise routine as well as the forms would be sent to you through mails, post-booking

email: healthandfitnesstrekpanda@gmail.com

  • Kindly note that trekpanda makes its tickets from irctc certified agents
  • We use intelligent AI-based tools like Confirmticket to predict the confirmation probability of your ticket
  • Tickets are made based on the maximum confirmation probability and solely depend on the remaining days for your departure
  • However, it is essential to note that the tool does not guarantee a 100% confirmation guarantee for waitlisted and RAC tickets every time and trekpanda does not hold any control to confirm tickets every time.
  • There might always be a chance that you get a RAC(half seat) ticket instead of a confirmed seat and trekpanda is not responsible for not providing confirmed tickets since IRCTC is a govt body and we do not hold any control over that.
  • It is always the best thing to book your trip in advance at least 20 days prior to improve your possibility of  getting a full seat on the train
  • The seat availability of trains depends from the season to season and since few routes have specific one or two trains running on the route it might get difficult to get a confirmed seat during peak festive and tourist seasons
  • Also kindly note that our agents will get in touch with you to provide alternate options for trains where you can hold a chance of a confirmed ticket which may have some monetary difference in the ticket amount which if you confirm to upgrade shall be liable to pay.
  • Also, there might arise a chance that our predictability tool may fail and you may get a RAC seat once the chart is prepared. Kindly note that trekpanda won't be responsible for providing full seats in such a situation nor refunding any amount since it is a govt transport and not private.
  • Premium trains like Rajdhani and Duranto have a fare of 50% on the higher side than regular trains however they provide the highest confirmation probability and you can always opt for the same.
  • In case you want to cancel your train tickets in the middle of a trip to opt for flight options you need to update us 36 hours prior to providing hassle-free cancellation last minute cancellations are not practically possible every time as our agents work in fixed time slots and there are various other factors associated to it.