The alpine lake is one of the top moments of a Himalayan trek. Unfortunately, in winter, most alpine lakes are off-limits. In Brahmatal trek, you not only get to trek but also camp around it! When you stand beside the 12000 ft above sea level frozen lake. The view will keep you stunned. One side of the lake has a shrine, and on the other side is a tree. On the far shore, you can see two beautiful mountains — Mt Trishul and Mt Nandaghunti. If the weather permits, we will camp beyond the lake. The camping here is to die for.

How can we forget Bekaltal, another lake trekkers adore? Bekaltal, lower down, is also a wondrous sight, surrounded by dense forests and enchanting folklore. On this trek, however, we not only trek to Bekaltal but also camp nearby at Gujreni.

The forest walks on this snow-covered trek are among the best we have. They are enchanting but not overpowering. A long distance can be seen through the forest, with snow clinging to the tree limbs.

In addition, each campsite on this trek is exceptional. In India, Brahmatal is a relatively new trek. Nonetheless, it has quickly gained popularity. As this trek has nearly ideal conditions for a winter snow trek.

However, if you want to avoid crowds, go in January, February, or March. The snow is better than it was in December, but the trail is less crowded.

9 Nights 10 Days Available on request
Batch Dates


  • Pune/Mumbai/Nagpur/Bhopal/Ahmedabad
  1. Sept:22,29
  2. Oct:6,13,20,27
  3. Nov:3,10,17,24
  4. Dec:1,8,15,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29
  5. Jan:5,12,19,26
  6. Feb:2,9,16,23
  7. Mar:1,8,15,22,29
  8. Apr:5,12,19,26


  • Delhi to Delhi
  • Sept:23,30
  • Oct:7,14,21,28
  • Nov:4,11,18,25
  • Dec:2,9,16,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30
  • Jan:6,13,20,27
  • Feb:3,10,17,24
  • Mar:2,9,16,23,30
  • April:6,13,20,27


  • Dehradun to Dehradun
  • Sept:24,
  • Oct:1,8,15,22,29
  • Nov:5,12,19,26
  • Dec:3,10,17,25,26,27,28,29,30,31
  • Jan:7,14,21,28
  • Feb:4,11,18,25
  • Mar:3,10,17,24,31
  • April:7,14,21,28


What we'll give. What we won't

What is included in the tour

  • Transport to Dehradun/Rishikesh
  • Private vehicle from Loharganj to Haridwar and returning
  • meals from Lohargunj to Lohargunj
  • Equipment for hiking (Sleeping bag, crampon, tent)
  • All required admission fees and licenses.
  • Necessary first aid kit
  • All necessary forest permits.
  • Mountaineering qualified & professional trek Leader, guide, and Support staff.
  • Transport to Loharjung and back from Rishikesh/Dehradun
  • Team Captains

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Meals served on trains
  • Anything not mentioned in the inclusions section
  • Any kind of insurance
  • Porters or mules to transport personal belongings.
  • Shoes and jackets can be rented in advance from us if they are not specifically listed in the included section.
  • GST of 5% will be charged at checkout
  • Transaction charges depending upon the mode of payment will be charged by Razorpay(Use the NEFT option to pay and save gateway charges)
What makes this tour special
  • The trek provides an opportunity to sneak a peek at the secluded lakes.
  • Lohajung Village hamlet is located in the Chamoli area of the Garhwal region. This village's expansive plains make it the perfect location for camping.
  • The lake in Bekaltal opens up to wide meadows with alluring vistas of the Himalayan ranges.
  • View Mount Trishul and Mount Nanda from a distance to admire their beauty.
  • Who wants to see a five-star hotel if you can see five million stars during a hike?
  • On buffer day, you might get to explore Rishikesh too!
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Day 1: Departure from your respective city
  • Pune/Bhopal: Board Samparkranti / Goa express 
  • Mumbai/Ahmedabad/Surat: Board Mangladeep express/ Garibrath  
  • Nagpur: Board Rajdhani Express 
Day 2: Arrival to Delhi | Delhi to Dehradun/ Rishikesh

Explore the city and arrival at Dehradun/ Rishikesh at night.

Day 3: Rishikesh/ Dehradun to Lohajung
  • Trekkers will be gathered from the station in the morning
  • You will reach around 5-6pm in Lohajung
  • Welcome tea, dinner, and stay at the guest house in Loha Jung.
Day 4: Lohajung to Bekaltal | 7 km, 4-5 hours
  • Trek from Lohajung to Bekaltal after breakfast.
  • The Trek is around 7km it takes 4-5 hours to reach the campsite.
  • After reaching Bekaltal campsite we will rest for a bit then you can go to visit Bekltal frozen lake.
  • Overnight stay will be at Bekaltal.
Day 5: Bekltal to Brahmatal | 7 km, 4-5 hours
  • We will trek from Bekaltal to Brahmatal on this day after breakfast
  • After reaching the Brahmatal campsite, we will visit the famous Brahmatal frozen lake.
  • Overnight at Brahmatal
Day 6: Brahmatal to Lohajung via Peak summit  | 10 km, 7-8 hours
  • The Trek start early after having a light breakfast at the campsite (it will take 2.5 hours to reach brahmatal
  • Spend some time at the top, then descend the trail through thick oak
    and Rhododendron forest
  • Expect to reach Lohajung in the evening around 5-6 pm
  • Have dinner and music near the bonfire
  • Night stay at Lohajung
Day 7: Lohajung to Rishikesh/ Dehradun 
  • We'll conclude our trip early morning over tea and leave for Rishikesh/ Dehradun
  • Since the treks in the Himalayan region come with their ups and downs we always keep a buffer day in hand to make sure the trek goes smoothly.
Day 8: Buffer Day
  • Since the treks in the Himalayan region come with their ups and downs we always keep a buffer day in hand to make sure the trek goes smooth.
Day 9: Reach Delhi
  • Reach Delhi early morning by overnight train.
  • Return Train:
    • Pune/Bhopal: Take Goa Express at 2.30 pm from Delhi
    • Mumbai/Surat/Ahmedabad: Take Hw-Bandra Spl at 6:55 pm from Delhi 
    • Nagpur: Take any train after 10.00am
Day 10: Arrival in your respective city
  •  Reach your respective city with loads of memory.
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  • How difficult is the Brahmatal trek?

The Brahmatal trek has a range of simple to intermediate difficulties. Beginners are welcome to participate in this journey, although regular fitness is necessary to successfully complete the expedition. At least a month before leaving on the expedition, one must begin their preparations.

  • When is the ideal time to trek the Brahmatal?

Plan a trip to the Brahmatal trek from November to February if you want to engage in a winter Himalayan trek. But if you want to avoid icy vistas and visit while the topography is in bloom, then schedule your trip for mid-March or April. Avoid taking this walk during the rainy season because the terrain can be rather slick.

  • How cold does the Brahmatal trek actually get?

Given the lack of snow, the temperature is ordinary for the first two days. After that, you can see the snow, but the sun is shining brightly and the sky is clear the entire day; however, at night, you must dress in layers. The temperature will fluctuate between -10 and -8 Celsius.

  • Is it safe to travel alone as a woman?

We continually work to create a welcoming atmosphere on treks for female trekkers. For our trips, every one of our tour guides and other support staff members has been carefully chosen. 

  • Does Lohajung have a network?

Yes, Lohajung has access to all mobile networks. However, you will experience connectivity problems once you set out on your trek to Brahmatal.

  • Will a physician travel with us?

No, but we do have a full first-aid kit with us as well as necessary medicines, and our trip leaders are educated in "Wilderness First Aid" and are aware of high attitude issues. Before beginning a walk, check your health, or get professional advice if you feel unable to assess your own capabilities.

  • Where can I get safe water to drink while hiking?

Although Himalayan water is regarded as pure and mineral water, we use boiled water/chlorine tablets in our camps to be safe. Ask the trip leader or guide where to fill water bottles once throughout the hike.

  • Is there any age limit for this trek?

We prefer an age group of 14-35-year-olds. But we welcome anyone who is physically fit for this, however, if you are 35 and older or have any pre-medical condition(blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, etc. or have recently recovered from any severe injury) we would recommend you consult your doctor before joining.

  • What is the minimum fitness requirement for Brahmatal?

This Himalayan trek requires a good fitness level as the climbs are long and continuous. We would suggest you follow the workout routine that shall be sent to you via email for at least 10 days prior to your trip. (It would be more beneficial if you do the workout for more than 10 days)

  • Can I leave my extra luggage at the Lohajung?

Yes, you can keep your extra luggage at Lohajung, as you will be starting and returning to the same homestay. Avoid keeping any valuables because we won't be responsible for loss or damage to any of your belongings.

Things To Carry

Basic Gears

  • Backpack & Rain Cover (40-60 Litres)
  • Trekking Shoes 
  • Trekking Pole 
  • LED Torch
  • One Water Bottle (one litre)
  • Basic Medications (or prescribed if any)


  • Trekking Jacket 
  • Three (Five in winter) Warm Layers
  • Two trek pants (one Wear and one carry)
  • Two collared t-shirts
  • Thermals


  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen Lotion (SPF 50/70)
  • Lip Balm (SPF 30)
  • Sun cap
  • Synthetic hand gloves
  • Two pairs of Socks (Woolen)
  • Raincoat/Ponchos


  • Daypack (20 liters), if you opt to offload your backpack
  • Toiletries
  • Cutlery
  • Plastic cover (for wet clothes)

Mandatory Documents

  • Original and photocopy of government photo identity card- (Passport, Aadhaar Card, Driving license or voters ID)
Rules And Regulations
  • Smoking and drinking is strictly prohibited.
  • If found participant will be terminated on spot.
  • Throwing garbage on trails is strictly not allowed.
  • Participants should carry their own waste with them
  • Playing loud music in the mountains is prohibited.
  • Writing anything or any activity leading to disobedience of historical places is prohibited.
  • Tents will be allotted as per male and female ratio by team captains, no requests will be entertained.
  • Pick up and drop will be at the same location ( however you are free to get down on the route while return journey.)
  • Team captains' decisions on any particular situation will be final for the mutual benefit of participants.
  • If the behavior of any trekker is likely to cause distress or harm to themselves, our member of staff or other team members, reserve the right to terminate their trip at any time and they will have to make their own arrangements; we will not be liable for any expenses incurred as a result. We will not entertain any claims arising due to such action.
  • In case of any injuries/illness on a mountain/river/waterfall during a trip/activity, Trek Panda as a company or our local staff will not be responsible. We provide adequate human staff support in these areas to ensure the basic safety of the trekker. The trekker/customer has to bear all the expenses which may arise in case of medical exigency or emergency condition.
  • As it is likely that in these sorts of trips weather must be taken into account, if conditions are such that we have to change arrangements we will not be able to provide any sort of refund. If there are any other circumstances including but not limited to riot, political unrest, natural or other disaster, nuclear incident, terrorist activity, and we have to cancel a trip as a result of these circumstances, we will not be able to provide any sort of refund.


  • Pune to Pune 3AC Train:16499/- and onwards
  • Pune to Pune Sleeper-13499


  • Mumbai to Mumbai 3AC Train:15999/- and onwards
  • Mumbai to Mumbai Sleeper-13499/-


  • Delhi to Delhi:12000/- and onward


  • Dehradhun to Dehradhun: 9499/- and onward

NOTE: Prices are exclusive of taxes, for further details click on book now section

Train Details

Departure trains:

  • Pune: Take Smp Kranti at 8.40 am from Pune to Delhi
  • Mumbai: Take CSMT ASR SPL to Delhi at 23.30pm or an alternate train as per availability of departures


Arrival Trains:

  • Take Goa Express or Jhelum back to Pune
  • Take the next available train back to Delhi


Disclamer and Medical Fitness Form

Required forms will be mailed to you, post booking via healthandfitnesstrekpanda@gmail.com 

  • Kindly note that Trekpanda makes its tickets from IRCTC-certified agents
  • We use intelligent AI-based tools like Confirmticket to predict the confirmation probability of your ticket
  • Tickets are made based on the maximum confirmation probability and solely depend on the remaining days for your departure
  • However, it is essential to note that the tool does not guarantee a 100% confirmation guarantee for waitlisted and RAC tickets every time and Trekpanda does not hold any control to confirm tickets every time.
  • There might always be a chance that you get a RAC(half-seat) ticket instead of a confirmed seat and Trekpanda is not responsible for not providing confirmed tickets since IRCTC is a goverment body and we do not hold any control over that.
  • It is always the best thing to book your trip in advance at least 20 days prior to improve your possibility of  getting a full seat on the train
  • The seat availability of trains depends from season to season and since few routes have specific one or two trains running on the route it might get difficult to get a confirmed seat during peak festive and tourist seasons
  • Also kindly note that our agents will get in touch with you to provide alternate options for trains where you can hold a chance of a confirmed ticket which may have some monetary difference in the ticket amount if you confirm to upgrade shall be liable to pay.
  • Also, there might arise a chance that our predictability tool may fail and you may get a RAC seat once the chart is prepared. Kindly note that Trekpanda won't be responsible for providing full seats in such a situation nor refunding any amount since it is a govt transport and not private.
  • Premium trains like Rajdhani and Duranto have a fare of 50% on the higher side than regular trains however they provide the highest confirmation probability and you can always opt for the same.
  • In case you want to cancel your train tickets in the middle of a trip to opt for flight options you need to update us 36 hours prior to providing hassle-free cancellations last minute cancellations are not practically possible every time as our agents work in fixed time slots and there are various other factors associated to it.
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