Nestled in the breathtaking Garhwal region of the Himalayas, the Kuari Pass trek stands out as one of India's premier winter trekking experiences. Positioned at an elevation of 12,516 feet, this trail is often referred to as the Lord Curzon trail, named after the former Viceroy of India, who completed the trek in 1905, adding historical significance to its allure. The Kuari Pass trek is not only a favorite among Indian adventurers but also captures the fascination of travelers from the United States and Europe.

Embarking from Joshimath, the Kuari Pass trek covers a 28km route, offering gentle slopes, enchanting coniferous forests, and panoramic views of snow-capped peaks. Along this journey, trekkers traverse hidden villages like Tugasi, Guling, and Khullara, immersing themselves in the rich local customs and traditions of Uttarakhand.

The trail treats adventurers to mesmerizing views of the Pangarchulla, Chaukhamba, Neelkanth, Dronagiri, Hathi Ghoda, and Nilgiri mountain ranges, captivating the hearts of travel enthusiasts. Snow-covered oak forests and pristine meadows further enhance the trek's allure, creating an indelible impression on snow enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Beginning in Joshimath, the base camp for the Kuari Pass trek, the route winds through Himalayan hamlets, Oak and Deodar Forests, and opens up to picturesque Bugyals or meadows. The highlight of the trek is the breathtaking view of the Nanda Devi Massif in the backdrop, providing a stunning backdrop for camping under the stars.

The Kuari Pass trek offers more than just an adventure; it's a lifetime experience that includes waking up to spectacular Himalayan views and creating enduring memories. Suitable for both beginners and experienced trekkers due to its easy to moderate difficulty level, the trek caters to a broad audience seeking winter trekking destinations.

Apart from the stunning landscapes, lucky trekkers might encounter paw prints of Himalayan bears and snow leopards, providing a rare glimpse into the region's wildlife. The trek to Kuari Pass strikes a perfect balance, offering adventure for thrill-seekers and serenity for those seeking peace.

Optimal for a winter trek, the best time to undertake the Kuari Pass trek is from November to March, when the weather is ideal, enhancing the overall experience. If you've been contemplating the perfect winter trek, look no further – the Kuari Pass trek promises an unparalleled adventure and a journey of a lifetime.

10 Nights 11 Days 26 Apr, 26 Apr, 26 Apr, and more
Batch Dates
  • Pune/Mumbai/Nagpur/Bhopal/Ahmedabad(10 days)
  1. Jan:19,26
  2. Feb:2,9,16,23
  3. Mar:1,8,15,22,29
  4. Apr:5,12,19,26
  5. May:3,10,17,24,31
  6. June:7,14,21,28


  • Delhi to Delhi (8 days)​​
  • Jan:20,27
  • Feb:3,10,17,24
  • Mar:2,9,16,23,30
  • April:6,13,20,27
  • May:4,11,18,25
  • June:1,8,15,22,29


  • Dehradun to Dehradun(7 days)
  • Jan:21,28
  • Feb:4,11,18,25
  • Mar:3,10,17,24,31
  • April:7,14,21,28
  • May:5,12,19,26
  • June:2,9,16,23,30
What we'll give. What we won't

What is included in the tour

  • Transport from Pune/Mumbai/Nagpur/Ahmedabad/Surat in Sleeper/3AC trains
  • Travel from Delhi to Dehradun via train or bus as per availability
  • Accommodation in Dehradun on 3/4 sharing basis
  • Accommodation on 3/4 sharing in Dehradun for buffer day(check out 11.00 am) only for Pune Mumbai Delhi and other city packages(if you are booking dehradhun to dehradhun make sure you select stay option)
  • Transport from Dehradun to Joshimath and back
  • Accommodation in Joshimath on a triple or quad-sharing basis
  • All meals during the trek from Joshimath to Joshimath
  • Tents on a 3/4 sharing basis during the trek
  • Wooden Hiking sticks
  • High-Quality Camping Tents
  • Sleeping bags
  • Compost toilets 
  • Radio Walkie-Talkie for Communication
  • Experienced Trek guide and Technical guide
  • Medical Kit
  • Crampons and Gaiters
  • Team captains from Delhi or Dehradhun

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Food during train journeys
  • Trasport between two delhi train stations(both was) and any internal transportation in delhi.
  • Food on buffer day
  • Any activities planned on buffer day
  • Anything not mentioned in the inclusion section
  • Your stay in Dehradun for Ex-Dehradun people on arrival
  • 5% GST will be added during checkout
  • Transaction charges depending upon the mode of payment will be charged by Razorpay(Use the NEFT option to pay and save gateway charges)


  • Day 1:Departure from your nearest City 
  1. Pune:9.00am take Samp Kranti to Delhi 
  2. Mumbai:We take train as per availability usually Paschim Express or BDTS HW Express
  3. Ahmedabad:Board train as per availability 
  4. Bhopal:We take train as per availability
  5. Any other city:Get in touch with us we will manage trains for you
  • Day 2:Arrival in Delhi | Transfer to Dehradhun
  1. Arrive in Delhi in the morning and take your next bus or train at 2.00pm to Dehradhun
  2. Later reach Dehradhun by night and stay at hotel dinner will be served
  3. People reaching by flights to dehradhun you can take check in anytime after 11.00am
  • Day 3:Dehradhun to Joshimath
  1. The group will be picked up from a designated pickup point we will be communicating it one week prior in a whatsapp group which will be created for the trip
  2. After reach Joshimath check in into designated homestays later day at leisure
  3. Rest for the night after a long travel
  • Day 4:Drive from Joshimath to Tugasi | Trek to Guling Top(4kms ,5 hours trek)
  1. Following an early morning breakfast, our next destination is Tugasi Village. Once we arrive in Tugasi, our trekking adventure commences, and the well-paved roads will transition into rustic dirt trails leading us through the charming Himalayan Hamlets along the way.

  2. The path unfolds, revealing the beauty of the surroundings, with lush green canopies becoming prominent as we approach our campsite in Guling.

  3. Upon reaching Guling, a hearty lunch awaits us.

  4. The remainder of the day is free for leisure activities. In the evening, we'll engage in team-building exercises, fostering camaraderie. Following these activities, a delicious dinner will be served, and we'll spend the night in comfortable camps.

  • Day 5:Trek from Guling to Khullara
  1. Following a wholesome breakfast in the early morning, detailed instructions for the trekking trails will be provided. Our journey kicks off with a trek from Guling to Khullara.

  2. During the trek, we will pause for a packed lunch along the way. As evening approaches, we will reach and settle into our campsite at the Khullara base.

  3. The remainder of the day is free for leisure, allowing you to unwind. As night falls, the enchanting starry skies above Khullara will captivate your senses.

  4. A delectable dinner will be served, capping off the day, and you'll spend the night at the Khullara base camp.

  • Day 6:Trek to Kuari Pass and back to campsite
  1. Following a satisfying breakfast, a brief yet informative session will be conducted to provide essential details about the upcoming phase of the trek. Subsequently, our journey resumes as we embark on the trek to Kuari Pass.

  2. Witness the breathtaking sunrise from the great Himalayan ranges, offering panoramic views of the Chaukhamba Massif, Nilkantha peaks, Nanda Devi peaks, and more.

  3. Taking in the awe-inspiring beauty of these majestic mountains, we will spend some quality time at the summit before descending towards the Khullara basecamp.

  4. The day concludes with a hearty dinner and an overnight stay in comfortable tents at Khullara, surrounded by the tranquil beauty of the Himalayas.

  • Day 7:Trek from Khullara to Tugasi
  1. Following an early morning breakfast, a concise briefing session will be conducted, offering essential details about the upcoming trek. Our day's journey commences with a trek from Khullara to Tugasi Village.

    During the trek, we will pause for a packed lunch en-route.

  2. Upon reaching Tugasi, we transition to a drive that takes us to Joshimath. Check-in at our designated homestay in Joshimath, where a warm dinner awaits, concluding the day. You'll spend a restful night in the comfort of the homestay.

  • Day 8:Drive to Joshimath and transfer to Rishikesh | Overnight stay at Dehradhun​
  1. After a satisfying breakfast, we will complete the check-out process from our accommodations.

  2. Our journey continues with a scenic drive from Joshimath to Rishikesh, allowing you to relish the picturesque views of significant Prayags such as Dev Prayag, Rudra Prayag, and Karn Prayag.

  3. Upon reaching Rishikesh, it marks the conclusion of the group's adventure, and everyone will disperse, carrying with them fond memories of the trek overnight stay at Dehradhun

  • Day 9:Buffer Day | Rishikesh Self Exploration
  1. After you check out at sharp 11.00pm you are free to explore rishikesh at your own cost we will be providing a list of suggestions and places to visit you can go for a rafting experience too

  2. 10.00pm:We take bus back to Delhi from Rishikesh

  • Day 10:Arrival in Delhi | Departure to your city
  1. Arrive Delhi early morning and head to station if your train timings are for afternoon you can visit Delhi on self or wait at the waiting room at railway station and depart back home

  • Day 11:Arrival in Hometown
  1. Arrive back home to your city as per train timings
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